Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It’s catchy. Copenhagen, Hopenhagen now becoming a CO2penhagen.

Soon COP 15 will start the Ministerial meetings. Chair of the LCA session responding to the questions raised by Belarus and number of other countries said that negotiators were not able to agree after a 2 year of negotiations and any change to the new Chair’s text will be too late. Singapore delegations said that the “package” of text provided by the Chair does include individual’s opinion but not the opinion of the group.

According to sources, the German minister the co chair of the Ad-hoc working group said that all developing countries want the Kyoto Protocol to continue. Chair also referred to the individual pledges by Annex 1 Parties which ranged from 16-23% reduction of emissions from 1990 levels by 2020. He proposed that the question for Parties to address on 15 December is whether this target was sufficient or whether the ambition needs to be increased and how this was to be done. He wanted Parties to focus on the aggregate level, range and pledges and ambition in the pledges.

Japan said that if one set of developed countries has to meet commitments under the KP and others do not, it is a problem as the KP covers only 30% of the global greenhouse gases. They want to kill Kyoto Protocol.

Developing countries are now being divided to small island states, REDD countries, Least Developed Countries and rest of developing countries. Every one trying to get a piece of the cake. Developed countries are hunting developing countries for the climate game. It is still unable to see a good outcome.

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