Friday, December 11, 2009

“1.5!” “One point five!”

A group of demonstrator’s entered near the ‘Tyco Brache’ the conference room at 3 pm on the 9th December demanding support for Tuvalu proposal for the Kyoto Protocol. The Conference of Parties (COP) was suspended after the debate between the AOSIS and some countries in G77 and China. Tuvalu proposed to have a separate contact group to discuss their proposal. But some countries including China and India saw this as a proposal to kill Kyoto protocol and make a new legally binding agreement in Copenhagen. Perhaps they are right.

The demonstrations demand “Legally binding text! Legally binding text!” “ 1.5!” “One point five”

The island countries who promote as most vulnerable countries and African nations now demand 1.5 degree temperature increase limit. 2 degree temperature increase in African countries means at least 3 degree increase for them. To bring to 1.5 degree limit the CO2 level should be maintain at least at 350 ppm.

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