Friday, June 22, 2012

Rio+ 20 final deal has no gains due to corporate lobby

19th June 2012, Rio de Janeiro, The new and final text entitles "The Future We Want" out at the Rio+20 negotiation shows that the new deal does nothing to address the environmental and social crises the world is facing nor does it tackle in any way the structural causes of the economic crises we are facing. 

This failure by our governments to respond to people’s needs and benefits only the corporate polluters that hold UN decision-making hostage to further their economic interests.

The deal does not prevent countries from selling out nature to multinational corporations, nor does it include any measures to hold corporations accountable for their negative impacts.

This text is does not provide any new financial commitment and no technology transfer to developing countries. While the so called “Green Economy” does not have the prominent role that some would have wished to see in this declaration, and this is a victory for all those opposed to the destructive Green Economy agenda promoted by industrialized countries and multinational corporations.

Some industrialized countries tried to delete the Rio Principles agreed 20 years ago from the Summit declaration but fortunately their attempt failed.

The text promotes mining, which is a serious environmental destruction to the environment. Further, it requests the Members of the WTO to redouble their efforts to achieve an ambitious, balanced and development-oriented conclusion to the Doha Development Agenda.

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