Saturday, December 03, 2011

Coal in the hole; Oil in the Soil; Tar sand in the land- but Nuclear unclear-

Coal and oil are the main fossil fuels responsible for the most Green House Gas emissions. Rich nations burn most of these fuels and responsible for emitting CO2 in to the atmosphere. Oilwatch International demand keep “oil in the soil” and “coal in the hole” and “tar sand in the land”. This solution is simple. What are the alternatives? Earth receives enough solar energy and wind power if the world needs to harness them.

Yet most developed countries plan to build more and more nuclear power. South Africa Government planning to spend 1 trilling Rand for building nuclear power plants. India, Russia, Malaysia are some other countries to build nuclear power. Sri Lanka is also planning to follow the same path.

Germany is the only country to abandon all nuclear power stations. All remaining nuclear power stations should be closed by 2020. Will rest of the world follow Germany?

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"Nuclear plants are silent killers"
is the title of a book that i wrote in 1989 after successfully stopping the location of a Nuclear plant at Nagarjuna sagar reservoir site in Andhra pradesh in India.
I have been working in this field since 1962.
Today,kudankulam Reactors proposed at a short distance from Sri lanka in the indian district of Tirunelveli may destroy the life and culture of Sri lanka in case explosion occurs for one reason or the other.For more scientific ddetails see web site and its links at
prof.T.Shivaji Rao.M.S.[Rice University,Texas,1962]
Director,centre for Environmental studies,
Gitam university,visakhapatnam.India