Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dambakola Patuna

I had a rare chance to visit Dambakola Patuna, the place which Sangamitta Therani landed in Sri Lanka with the most sacred Bo tree which is in Anuradhapura today. Sangamitta Therani is the only daughter of King Dharmashoka and the sister of Arhat Mahinda who introduced Buddhism to Sri Lanka. The Bo tree was was brought to Sri lanka during King Devanampiyatissa (306BC-266 BC) and planted in Mahamewna Uyana.
Dambakola Patuna is located about 20 km from Jaffna town and 10 km from Kankasanthurai. Dambakola Patuna is not very far from Keermale water ponds.

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Sanka said...

I think I was one of the first foreigner who visited this sacred place after defending the terrorists. I was there this year April 10.