Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Accountability Mechanism: A jailbird of bureaucracy

Hemantha Withanage
Executive Director, NGO Forum on ADB

Asian Development Bank proudly presented its new accountability mechanism as the medicine for its project-related disputes in 2003. When presenting, former ADB President Tadao Chino said, “I am confident that with support from all stakeholders, the Accountability Mechanism will satisfy their demand that ADB address the complaints of project-affected people on the ground and establish a transparent process that will increase ADB’s accountability.”

Theoretically, it provides mediation through the Special Project Facilitator (SPF) and a verdict on the violation of ADB policies through the Compliance Review Panel (CRP). But after two years of its existence, has it delivered any solutions to people’s issues?

The recent CRP monitoring report on STDP, which was issued in July 2006, shows that the ADB management and the Road Development Authority have not complied with most of the remedial action proposed by the CRP report issued in July 2005. Said report was a response to the complaints made by project affected people.


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